Target Baby Registry Gift Bag Haul

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Don’t I look handsome mommy? Don’t I?

So, on this ridiculously cold day (seriously, it was below freezing all day! Why am I not living in the south?), while a certain someone was getting his hair cut…

Mr. B and I went to wonderful world of Target to pick up our baby registry gift bag and burn time by using their fun little scanner!

I’ll admit, we probably would’ve had more fun if it wasn’t 6:15 and time for dinner but, it wasn’t awful. We primarily registered on Amazon (I’ll do a post on that gift box later) but, we figured we should register in a brick and mortar store for our lovely friends and family that don’t like shopping online (see: Grandmas).

Here is everything that came in the gift bag:

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#1 Bag: I really liked the reusable bag target gave the gift bag in. My favorite part was that it said “You got this” at the bottom. Target knows new parents are feeling overwhelmed and it’s little things like that that make me smile.

#2 Coupons: So we got this on 2/1/16. The Zarbee’s coupons expired 1/31/16. I probably wouldn’t have used the coupons anyways but, it would’ve been nice if there weren’t expired coupons in the bag (it was only by a day but, still). There is also a little booklet from Johnson’s/Desitin that has a $2 off 2 products coupon that expires on 3/31/16. The booklet basically tells how to use each one of their products… which felt a bit like a waste of paper. The coupon is probably enough encouragement for me to use your product. I don’t know if I will use the coupon though because my baby shower is in April and every shower I’ve been to, someone has given baby wash and I can’t use Desitin on my cloth diapers so, that is out. There was a BOGO coupon for Enfamil Newborn Infant Formula that expires 4/30/16. Finally, there were three target coupons for mommy’s use: 10% off a nursing bra or cami, 15% off liz lange maternity, and BOGO starbucks beverage. They all expire 8/1/16. Because of the coupons, I would highly recommend getting the gift bag closer to your due date. I was just so excited to get mine and most of the coupons (except the target coupons) will expire before it is useful for me to use them.

#3 Medicine Sample: There was a Zarbee sample. I’m not quite sure what it was for because the attached coupons had expired; I assumed the sample had expire as well and tossed it. The second sample was Mustela lotion. I accidentally pictured this as medicine. When I took the picture I had just scanned the info card and it was talking about dermatological research. But it is lotion. It is pretty watery lotion and smells like facewash to me and not the good-smelling kind. The kind of facewash you get at the dermatologist because you have bad acne. It also leaves my hands feeling coated in something instead of absorbing into my skin. I’m not a fan.

#4 Lotion Samples: There were two lotion samples one from Babyganics and one from Aquaphor. The Babyganics lotion came with a $1 off coupon that expires 3/31/16 and it smells like something spicy but, I can’t put my finger on it. It feels like normal lotion and absorbed nicely into the skin. I really like the Babyganics brand so there is a high chance we’ll use the coupon (if I don’t forget about it). The Aquaphor didn’t smell like anything and it felt like Vaseline when applied, which has its uses, so I’ll probably toss it in my diaper bag until it is used up.

#5 Lansinoh Breast Feeding Kit Samples: The kit included a $2 off coupon that expired 12/31/15. The kit itself had a breastmilk storage bag that was pre-sterilized and medical grade. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what that means. I think I have some research to do on pumping breast milk. There were also two disposable breast pads. I think those will be nice to stick in the diaper bag for emergencies (I plan on using reusable pads mostly).

#6 Honest Wipes: This is a pack of 10 wipes. It also came with a $3 off coupon but, that expired in 12/31/15. I think as long as I keep these sealed they’ll be good, so they’ll be nice for the diaper bag too!

On to the most exciting stuff:

#7 Bottle: This is the Munchkin Latch Stage One Four-Ounce Bottle. It is supposed to be easier for breastfed babies to latch to. I like that it has a cover. It also has an anti-colic air valve at the bottom that allows air to escape. It’s a really nice bottle for the awesome price of free.

#8 Paci: This is the MAM Newborn pacifier. It’s BPA free, which frankly everything baby should be. It has a cute little bunny on the front which is cute.

#9: Diaper, Wipes, and Wristlet: Pampers included a newborn size diaper (which made me squeal at its adorableness) and a pack of 6 wipes. My favorite part is the little wristlet that has two pockets. I love the pattern and I think it will be awesome for helping organize the diaper bag. I think I’ll either have it as the mommy pocket or maybe I’ll use it to carry things like hand sanitizer, coconut oil, and sunscreen. We’ll see!

What did you get in your target bag?





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