Amazon Welcome Baby Giftbox Haul

So, last week I did my Haul of Target’s Welcome Baby Giftbag. This week I’ll do my Amazon haul. Amazon will send you the box for free for registering with them. I believe you have to complete your registry before they will send the box but, we were planning on registering with Amazon anyway so, it wasn’t a hassle. We registered with Amazon for our wedding and absolutely loved it!

Reasons we love registering with Amazon:

  • You can add from any site. The most disappointing thing for us, when registering for our wedding, is that Ikea didn’t have a registry opportunity (we really like Ikea). But, with Amazon we could add anything from their website to our registry! Same thing for a baby. The crib and mattress we’ve registered for are from Ikea. We also got to register for a lot of cloth diapers from Kelley’s Closet and Nikki’s Diapers, which was awesome.
  • If it is cheaper to buy on Amazon, Amazon will tell you and suggest registering for that item through Amazon instead. So, if I registered for a Chicco stroller from Buy Buy Baby an it was cheaper at Amazon, they’d point that out to me. I love saving money for me and my family.
  • It lets us put notes. This is one of my favorite features. I can make a note on any item of what color or size I’d prefer. This is important for something like our diaper bag. The diaper bag we registered for is a Burberry print with colored accents. We want the one with blue accents because we aren’t getting a second diaper bag for Mr. B. We chose the bag because it was more gender neutral. It isn’t so gender neutral with pink accents. I also used this because I registered for one newborn diaper (we got the rest we need on eBay for a great price). However, I wanted a white diaper to bless little C in. We registered for the diaper and explained we only needed one and we need it in white for his blessing.
  • Amazon’s checklist. Amazon makes an awesome little checklist for you to go through so you don’t forget to register for anything! Which, pregnant ladies, we all know is important with #pregnancybrain!

Anyways, on to the point of this post, which is to tell you about my Amazon Baby Box!

  1. This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    The Box: Oooohhh Ahhh, box. The only thing to note is that Chicco didn’t actually include anything in the box. I’m guessing they sponsor shipping? Way to go Chicco. Thanks for shipping me stuff.

  2. 3 Samples: Babyganics Lotion, Burt’s Bees Babywash, Burt’s Bees Renewal Serum (form mom). The Babyganics lotion is the same I had in the target giftbag. I’m really exited for it actually because the sample is kind of small so, two of them will actually give me an idea if I like it for my baby or not. I tried it on myself and thought it was good. I’m really excited for the Burt’s Bees Babywash! I love Burt’s Bees and I would love to use their whole baby line but, it is a lot more expensive than Johnson and Johnson. However, this sample gives me enough that I might just fall in love with it and decide it is worth the splurge (or I might hate it, I’ll let you know). The Burt’s Bees Renewal Serum is to “[h]elp restore the appearance of your skin’s smooth, firm, texture with powerful, natural anti-aging ingredients.” It’s supposed to be for mom. This was my least favorite part of the box. I feel enough like a bloated chimpanzee without Amazon including something that makes me feel like I need to improve my looks more. (That is probably my oversensitive pregnancy mind speaking though).
  3. Enfamil Supplementing Formula Sample: In the box are 4 samples, each has enough for a 4 oz bottle. It can be used from 0 to 12 months and is specifically for supplementing. It will be interesting to try. Mr. B will probably use the samples but, hopefully we won’t have to supplement.
  4. Avent Breastpad Sample and Booklet: Disposable breastpads are great and I will probably keep them in the diaper bag for emergencies (I plan on using reusable pads). I also liked the booklet they included. I only skimmed the first couple of pages but, it had some really helpful information!
  5. Avent Bottle: 2nd bottle (I received one in the target bag)! I don’t know if I’ll have to even buy a bottle. I’ll be at home most of the time and I feel like two bottles is sufficient for Little C’s feedings with Mr. B if we keep up on washing them.
  6. MAM Pacifier: I received one of these in the Target giftbag as well but, this one doesn’t have a little bunny on it. But I think it’s important to have multiple pacifiers if you’re going to use them (which we plan on doing). With my luck I’ll need at least 10 because I loose everything that is the size of my phone or smaller.
  7. Not Pictured (sorry, I forgot!): Amazon Sensitive Baby Wipes 80 count: I haven’t opened them because I don’t want them to dry out before Little C makes an appearance but, they are an 80 count! That isn’t a little sample! That’s substantial. The package is about 3″x 7″. I also like that they are made in the USA.

So, there is everything I got in my box! What did you get in yours?




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