My “Running List”

So, I wanted to share our successes of this past week but, you first have to know the background a little.

I have a constant, what I call, “running list” of things that we need/want eventually. This is so that when I see a good deal, I can jump on it! We make sure to pre-budget for these opportunities so it doesn’t hurt us. Most months we don’t buy anything off the list so we just save what we budgeted for a future month of good deals (like this month!). Here’s the list:

  • Matching side tables
  • TV wall mount (before Little C is big enough to crawl and pull up and take our current TV down)
  • Bread Maker
  • Stroller
  • Bouncer/Swing
  • Baby Bath
  • Diapers
  • Candles
  • Rocking Chair
  • Oval Casserole Dish and Top
  • Christmas Presents (I’m one of those people with a present cupboard that I keep throughout the year)
  • Real Leather Jacket

Anyways, my sister introduced me Facebook Yard Sale sites last month and they are terribly awesome. Basically on the Facebook search you type in “My City Buy/Sell/Trade” or “My City Yard Sale” or the like until you find one (or multiple in your city). I am on one for our city and one for the city right next to us and while they have been super useful, I probably need to slow down because I’ve bought three things in the past two weeks.

Here are the three things I’ve crossed off our list:


Hamilton Beach Breadmaker
We got this for $20 bucks. The lady said she used it twice before realizing bread making was not for her. After looking at it, I’d have to say I believe her. It goes for around $50 new and had really great reviews. We got it tonight so, tomorrow I’ll make my first loaf. I’m so excited!

TV Wall Mount:

42" TV with wall mount
Mr. B is playing with his new toy. We got the TV with the wall mount for $150. It’s 42″ and goes up to 1080 p (at least that is what Mr. B tells me, I don’t really know nor care what that means… I just care that it’s a TV my baby can’t pull over). We’ll sell our old TV too to help pay for the new one.

Babytrend Stroller:

Babytrend Stroller
We bought this for $60 and new it would go for $150. I love that it has a parent tray thing (is there a proper name for this?), but my favorite is how far the canopy goes. When pulled down all the way, there is only about 6 inches between the tray and the canopy. So much sun coverage! Mr. B likes that it is gender neutral and tall enough for him to push comfortably (he’s 6’2″ y’all, finding things tall enough is not an easy feat). I’ll write a full review after I’ve had  a chance to use it with the baby.

Do you keep a list like me? Is it in your head, on your phone, on a piece of paper? Have you used a yard sale page before? Do you like them?




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