Roundup: Baby DIYs you can do BEFORE you find out the gender

I don’t know about you but, for me I wanted to start making and buying things for Little C (or Little Lamb as he was called then) as SOON as I found out I was pregnant. I was so excited! A lot of the DIYs running amok on the internet are for clothes but, of course I didn’t know yet if I needed to make headbows (Little baby girls don’t have hair to put bows in, so they’re headbows, not hair bows – Mr B) or bowties (team bowtie!), so, instead I have made a list of DIYs you can make before you know lad or lass and before you even choose nursery colors! So, without further ado:

Old McDonald Puppets

Make one or make all or make one a month to measure your pregnancy!

Taggie Bean Bag

I actually made one of these for my nephew before he was born and he LOVES it. I filled mine with rice instead of beans, because that’s what we had on hand.

Baby Countdown

This one is more for the parents but, it is oh so cute!DIY Countdown to Baby Blocks

Happy Stacker

Instead of hard plastic and wood you can make a stacker out of fabric!Happy stacker

Foam Blocks

Once again, softer than wooden or plastic blocks and won’t freak out the dog or hurt me when Little C flings them across the room.DSC_0002

Beach Ball

If you can’t sense a pattern, I like things that babies can throw without worrying about it hurting. Gotta work up those throwing muscles!

Nessie Stuffed Animal

Just about any stuffed animal would work on this list but, I absolutely loved Nessie and how she is big enough to ride when baby gets bigger!


What DIYs are you making for your baby? I’m working on a green romper, then a stuffed spaceship after that! Happy crafting,




Monogrammed Cabinet

So, our kitchen is small. As in, we might have 2 square feet of useable counter space small  (and then another square foot that holds the dishrack because we don’t have a dishwasher). This isn’t a huge problem, except my daddy bought us a microwave as a housewarming gift (not that I am complaining. I love that microwave! It’s wonderful to no longer have to recook leftovers over the stove or in the oven [more like throw away leftovers because I’m to lazy to do those things and the leftovers go bad]). So we’ve been keeping an eye out for something to put the microwave on. We scored doubly so by picking up this cabinet for $15 at the DI (our thrift store)! We have a place to put the extra rice, beans and dog food we get from Costco now too! Unfortunately, it was dirty and boring. Nothing the hubs and I can’t fix.

For this project we used 3 tools:
Power Sander
Wood Burning Kit
Power Drill (We actually borrowed this from Grandpa, we only needed one hole drilled)

Here is our before: (Newsies VHS for scale)


I love the molding! You can’t tell but there is a random hole on the right side of the door. I assume that was were they were going to put a handle but, never got around to it. We decided to drill another hole and put an handle on so we didn’t have to worry about filling the hole.

I found a penny! So really it was only a $14.99 cabinet. Winning!

Anyways, we cleaned it out with a lot of clorox wipes (a lot, this thing was nasty). It had so much grossness that we had to sand some of the disgusting stuff off (see the picture below, the left is the grossness, the right is after it got sanded off). Then we sanded down the rest of it and cleaned again. Tip of the day: you start with the thicker sanding paper and move down to the thinner sanding paper. Probably common sense but, I didn’t know.

Now, is the part that I failed to get pictures for. We stained the wood a dark brown color we had from making my sister a 7 foot collapsible ruler (kinda like this  but, we added a hinge for easy moving and stained the wood). Then came the fun part: the wood burning! Everything I read said to print off an outline of what you wanted and trace it but, we had three problems with that.

1) I didn’t find what I wanted.
2) What we wanted was bigger than an 8×11.5 piece of paper.
3) We don’t have a printer anyway…

So, I pulled up what I wanted on Google and used a pencil and ruler to draw out our L with the line through it. I free handed the curves to make it look more serif. Then I used the wood burning angle tool to outline what I had drawn. The key here is to go slowly. You’ll go slowly at first of course (if this is your first time using a wood burning tool like us) but, then you’re going to want to speed up when you get the hang of it. DON’T DO IT! If you look closely in person you can tell where we rushed. Keep it slow and steady. Outline first then fill in. We took turns burning the wood (have the windows and doors open, it isn’t so smelly that you need to be outside but, you do need the windows open).

Then B drilled on the handle we got from Home Depot for about $1.50 and it was set! We love our new microwave holder. What do y’all think?