My Spring/Summer Goals

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I’m a goal-oriented kind of girl. I like to have an idea of what I want to do. Now, knowing that I’m due with my first child in June, you’re probably wondering: isn’t that work enough? The answer is no. There are never enough projects. There is never too much to be striving for. On the other hand, that mindset does lead to the problem that  I start a billion projects and finish three. It is an awful habit that I am really trying to break but, alas, I like starting projects and working towards goals too much.

So, here are my projects and goals for this spring/summer time and hopefully this blog will keep me on track.

  1. A Redhead Married a Geek Blog. This is a project. I’ve started a couple of blogs and they usually fail after like 5 posts in 5 days. I just get too lazy to write, which is sad because I love it once I start! I’ve already made it longer than I ever have before which is a full month. I told myself after one month I could start hosting instead of having it as but, I have yet to make the switch. I need to look into it more so, maybe by April I’ll have made a decision on how I want to go about hosting my own website.
  2. 20 Books in 12 Months. I’m already behind on this because I started in late February instead of in January. I actually think I’ll be able to keep this one because I am a big reader, I just normally read unpublished books that I can get on my phone so, for some reason I don’t count those. I want to read classics and books that stretch my brain. I’m currently 150ish pages into “The Explorers Guild” by Jon Baird and Kevin Costner. It’s 763 pages. I probably should’ve started with something shorter but, it is really interesting so far. I’m going to read a couple of books concurrently as well. I love to read in shower (I’ll lay down like I’m taking a bath and hold my phone on the outside of the curtain. It is the best is warm forever unlike baths). But, I can’t hold a massive 700+ page book in one hand so, I’ve downloaded some free books on my Kindle app and I’ll read those.
  3. Refresh my French. Beat DuolingoMy first language is English, my second French, and my third Russian. I am fluent in none of them… just kidding. I am fluent in English and I could get on well enough in Russian and I used to be able to get on well enough in French but, when I learned Russian, French took a back seat. Now, when I try to speak French sometimes the Russian words will come out instead. (I think my brain goes into foreign language mode and just chooses whichever word comes to mind first). So, I’d like to refresh my French and speak it to Little C. (I think French will be a little more useful than Russian). I’m using the app Duolingo to help. I don’t know if you can actually beat Duolingo or if it just keeps getting progressively harder, so we’ll see about that part of the goal.
  4. Participate in my community moreI wrote a post earlier about all the cool things that my community does, that I had no idea about! It got me really excited. So, I want to be more involved in my community by doing the activities they host. We already go to the farmer’s market whenever it opens but, there are so many cool things to do! Monday we are going to a Tesla Coil Class at the Library. I am so stoked.
  5. Baby Curriculum. This is a huge one that I think I am absolutely going to adore but, really has to wait until I have Little C to try my ideas with. It’s still just a vague brain child of an idea so, you’ll have to wait and see what it entails.
  6. Be Healthy. This is a broad goal that I’ve already started working on in this post and this meal plan. I want to be a good weight for my height and body type but, more importantly, I want to be getting all the nutrients and exercise I need. I’ve been doing pretty good at working out 10-20 minutes a day or walking at least 30 minutes but, that is still a goal I have to maintain as well as healthy eating.
  7. Craft! This is always a goal for me. It goes back to my ‘start a billion projects and finish 5’ problem. Right now, I have a yellow baby blanket I started 2 years ago sitting in my crochet basket (along with the beige baby blanket for Little C that I actually will finish) and the start of a sewn rocket ship stuffed toy that I started 2 weeks ago. Those aren’t including the sewing projects I bought fabric and patterns for and never started or the junk I’ve collect because ‘this could work to make so and so.’ Just today I bought primer to paint our bookshelf (something I’ve wanted to do for almost a year). I’m going to paint our bookshelf starting tomorrow. It is my weekend project and it is going to be awesome. One of my goals is to finish more crafts, especially crafts for Little C. (Which I’ve already started by making a carrier for him which is pictured above).
  8. Not have a black thumb. My final goal is another goal that I try and fail at every year: the garden. I have a black thumb. It is the truth. I think my problem has been that I try to shoot above my ability because I grew up watching my wonderfully green thumbed mother in her beautiful vegetable garden and her flowery landscaping. (Her goal is to one day have a garden as beautiful as temple square, my goal is to not have things die). This year we are going to try for strawberries, spinach, basil and cilantro.

Bonus Goal (because it isn’t for the spring/summer): Lose all my baby weight by Christmas. I’m hoping I’ll do it faster but, my goal is to be 140 pounds by Christmas. I am 6 months preggo right now and 161. (I was actually 145 before I got pregnant, so, I’ve only gained 16ish pounds but, my goal is 140).

What are your goals for the year? Or do you prefer to sit back and take it as it comes like Mr. B does? (I think it’s less stressful this way – Mr B)




5 ways to cope with being Type A

Type A

Photo Credit (w/edits): Sodanie Chea

“Type A individuals [are] ambitious, rigidly organized, highly status-conscious, sensitive, impatient, take on more than they can handle, want other people to get to the point, anxious, proactive, and concerned with time management. People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving “workaholics”, push themselves with deadlines, and hate both delays and ambivalence.” (Wikipedia)

The only things in that paragraph that don’t describe me are: ambitious, highly status-conscious, and workaholic. Sometimes, I get disorganized but, then I’ll go on a rampage (that gracious Mr. B calls my stress cleaning week) and reorganize the apartment top to bottom.

If you’re type A you know (and if you read that description you should be able to tell) that being type A is rather stressful. And just for the record, telling me (or any type A person) to take a chill-pill or something stupid like that is more likely to make us want to tear your head off then relax.

However, I do recognize that I need to relax and reign in my Type A personalities otherwise people, including myself at some points, will probably hate me.

Here is how I deal:

  1. I have up to 3 things I’m allowed to care about. That is, for any large activity (like a wedding or a birthday party I’m planning), I have to choose 3 things that I will make absolutely perfect and the other things I can only passively plan for. For example, at our wedding I choose three things I wanted and I didn’t have to compromise on them and I could perfect them to my choosing. These were the three things I chose: My husband will wear a seer sucker suit, I will get a sunflower bouquet, and there will be no tomatoes at my wedding. Sometimes, I choose only one or two things if they are large. When we moved to this new apartment I chose to make a chart for our kitchen. I had everything planned out for what went in each cupboard, on each shelf, on each side. I had a diagram of the entire kitchen. I also made a floor plan of where all the furniture would go. After that I forced myself to stop. I needed to be flexible on some things, so I didn’t overburden myself.
  2. I can’t get upset unless I have directly asked someone to do something. As I typed that I realized how bratty it sounds but, its more for everyone else’s benefit than mine. It’s better explained in an example. Mr. B usually empties the dishwasher and I load. If I’m ready to load and he hasn’t emptied the dishwasher, I’m not allowed to be upset with him unless I have already asked him (and given him a day) to unload the dishwasher. To me it is obvious the dishwasher needs to be emptied every day. To my type B husband, well, he just doesn’t think that way.
  3. I shut doors. and drawers, and cabinets, and curtains. Some days my tub needs to be cleaned and it stresses me that it isn’t but, I just don’t have the time or energy to clean it or I just want to be lazy. So, I shut the curtain. Out of sight out of mind. The other time I use this is with my husband’s stuff. I just don’t look in the electronics drawer. I just shut it. His bedside table? I put it all in the drawer and shut it. He doesn’t let me go through that stuff (probably because I’ll throw something out that he doesn’t want thrown out).
  4. I make lists. Type A people have to feel productive but, sometimes I have those days where I feel like I accomplished nothing. So, I make lists. I make lists of what I have done that day (ex. I answered all my emails, I did the dishes, I planned the budget, etc.) Sometimes, I make a list at the beginning of the week and I’ll check things off. Sometimes, I add things to my list just so I can check them off! Usually a list makes me comprehend that even if didn’t get everything done, at least I got some things done.
  5. I take a shower. or go to sleep. Sometimes, I just get so anxious or stress myself out so much that the only solution is to stop. Stop doing everything and find a place to relax. If I’m tired I force myself to sleep. If not I take a shower, like a half-hour to an hour long shower. The $5 it raises my water bill a month is worth it for the amount it destresses me.

This is how I deal with being type A. Being type A is  a burden and a blessing (which I’ll talk about why I’m grateful for my Type A personality in another post). How do you deal with the stress of being type A?